Would you like to be a part of the AU women’s ministry blog by sharing a blog post with our community? We are looking for encouraging faith-based blog posts and devotionals to share with our campus.

You can submit your posts here.

Blog post submissions should…

  • be Gospel-centered and encouraging
  • align with the beliefs and mission of the Anderson University Women’s Blog (see below)
  • be between 500 and 800 words in length
  • be scripturally based (please include verse references in parentheses anytime you reference a direct biblical idea)
  • be engaging through experience-based, relatable, narrative-driven posts
  • demonstrate clear communication and error-free writing
  • reflect a lifestyle of pursuing God that you uphold online and offline
  • be submitted through the Google Form as a WORDdoc and should include a title, your name, and email 

Please note:

The Anderson University Women’s Blog has the right to edit and publish your writing. A leadership team will discuss whether or not to accept your post for publication, but your name will be removed from your work during discussion. If your post is submitted, it will be  submitted with your name (please do not post under an alias or anonymously)  and a cover image relating to your post. You will be notified by email if we decide to publish your writing on the blog.

Beliefs and Mission:

We exist to share the hope of the Gospel with the women of Anderson University. Our hope is to share biblical truth and foster faith-filled friendships. We hold to the mission and values of Anderson University (see here) and the Anderson University Women’s Ministry.


Do you want to be a part of the women’s ministry blog leadership team? We are seeking five volunteers to commit to providing consistent content for the women’s ministry blog, editing student submissions, attending team meetings (no more than 5 per semester), and supporting the mission of the women’s ministry. Fill out this form to apply!


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